Global is not just intended in a geographical sense… It deals with peace-building and the resilience of States and societies, in and around Europe” (EU Global Strategy 2016). "Global", in that sense, must be the way we approach challenges, be domestic or international. This project deals with global challenges in the sense pointed out by Mrs. Mogherini.

    The EU as a political project is in constant evolution, but tensions have come to the scene in view of the recent refugee crises, terrorist attacks and the rise of populisms within its frontiers. Those elements have intensified the tensions between the contradictory trends towards universalism and fragmentation in different fields such as the European Area of Justice, Internal Market (in particular due to the Brexit) and as far as EU external relations are concerned. The Union seems to be currently in a dilemma as to its future and to whether it still is an area committed to the Rule of Law and some of its core values, as well as which position is it to hold in the world according to recent threats and difficulties coming from inside and from outside the Union itself. This requires research on the position taken by key EU institutions with regard to the aforementioned topics. According to this, the proposed set of activities addresses hardships being currently faced by the EU concerning the Rule of Law principle in different aspects: populisms and risks against democracy; sustainability and environmental leadership, EU cohesion and unity; internal security policies in accordance with EU values and human rights; or improvement of dialogue amongst academia, legal practitioners and policy-makers

    The objectives of the proposal rely on promoting discussion and reflection on the internal and external challenges related to these core issues, as the Rule of Law either at the domestic level or in the international arena, democracy, security and sustainability and the role that these elements play in the EU projection.

    The Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales (AEPDIRI) aims to contribute to the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy in setting up a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy: global growth provides opportunities for exporters and competitive access to imports, but it takes for granted an international framework which a fragmented world denies. The project focuses on the intricacies of EU policies to explore the enhancement of EU values.

    Globalizing the Union's Debate: Internal and External Leadership in an Era of Challenges – EUGLOBAL
    Ref.: 599757-EPP-1-2018-1-ES-EPPJMO-PROJECT
    Erasmus+ Jean Monnet 2018
    Programme: Erasmus+
    Key action: Jean Monnet Activities
    Action: Jean Monnet Projects
    Action type: Policy debate with academic world
    Call for proposals: EAC/A04/2015